Remote DJ gives stations an easy way for their DJs to broadcast from home.

It is essentially an online mixerboard. Just connect, then fade down the studio, then fade up your show, and start broadcasting.

It is especially useful for college and community radio stations impacted by COVID-19 – or if their DJs otherwise can't access their studio.

Please email me at and we'll figure how to install it at your studio.

How it works

  1. DJs connect to Remote DJ. (It's compatible with anything that can send out an Icecast feed – like Audio Hijack or Rocket Broadcaster.)
  2. They fade down automation.
  3. They fade up their own feed.
  4. Then they broadcast.

It even allows two DJs to connect at the same time and crossfade between DJ-1 and DJ-2.


  • $90 per month
  • One-time cost of $200-$500 for set-up work and training. Pricing depends on how much work is involved to install this system in your particular studio.

FM Station?

For FM stations, you can make Remote DJ part of the DJ process by patching its stream into your mixerboard. Remote DJ outputs an Icecast stream, so all you need to do is schedule your automation system to "listen" to this RDJ feed whenever needed. Most automation systems support listening to an Icecast feed as an external source.