If community radio stations can worry less about technical problems, then they can focus more on doing what they do best – broadcasting the voices of their community.

That's why a few great stations are pitching in to help us build Creek Studio.

Our supporters!

These outstanding stations have came together to help us!

  • XRAY.fm - Community radio in Portland, OR
  • KMUN - Community Radio in Astoria, OR
  • KWMR - Community Radio in Point Reyes, CA
  • KZFR - Community radio in Chico, CA
  • KUSF - College radio at University of San Francisco
  • WYBCx - College radio at Yale University
  • WXNA - Community radio in Nashville, TN
  • KKRN - Community radio in Round Mountain, CA
  • WWER - Community Radio in Colonial Beach, VA
  • KAAD-LP - Community Radio in Sonora, CA

Want to support us?

It's simple! And you'll get a few bonus things!

  • If you are a monthly subscriber for Creek, please consider becoming an annual supporter. You will get a discount (one month free!) and a supporter badge on our website.
  • If you are already annual, please consider paying for one more year – you will get a double discount (two months free!) and a supporter badge on our website.
  • Know someone who could use Creek? Refer them to us! You will get 1 month free.

Again, I want to thank our supporters. Creek is here because of you!