What's in the photo?

On the right is the Creek Broadcaster. It's a small black box – only 4 inches square.

On the left is a Behringer UCA-202. It's capturing audio from a mixerboard over regular RCA cables, and sending it to the Broadcaster over USB. The Broadcaster is then streaming this audio live, and recording it to archives.

What does it do?

The Creek Broadcaster does three things:

  • Streams live audio – to your website and apps. It's compatible with Icecast.
  • Records the audio – and posts the audio archive for each show on your website. Or, keeps them private, in your own cloud storage.
  • Plays audio – as a simple automation system. Just schedule your shows in the Creek Studio.

Who can use it?

Well, lots of people:

  • Radio stations: Use it for live broadcasting, and automatic audio archiving. Or, use it as an STL (Studio-Transmitter Link) – similar to Barix or Telos devices. Or, use it for live remote broadcasting at events (like sports games).
  • Churches: Broadcast sermons to people at home, around the world.
  • Nightclub DJs: Broadcast your performances live. Plus, record your sets, and upload them to your Creek website (or SoundCloud, Mixcloud, etc.).
  • High school sports events: Easily set up a live stream of the game.
  • Live musicians and concert halls: Stream the concert live – and use tools like Gumroad and Patreon to sell access to your live streams and recorded shows.
  • Public speakers: Live stream your presentation.
  • College professors: Broadcast your lectures, and auto-record them, automatically making them available to your students.

What does it cost?

Here's the pricing breakdown:

  • $300 (plus shipping) for the device.
  • Add $30 for the Behringer audio converter (shown in the photo above). Or, use your own USB audio device, if it's compatible with Linux.
  • $80 per month: $50/mo for Creek Studio + $30/mo for the Creek Broadcaster with Automation (or, no extra monthly fee without automation).
  • Additional Broadcasters are $20 per month ($10 discount).

When can I use it?

We are taking orders now. Estimated delivery is 2 weeks after ordering.

Feature Timeline

  • Streaming and Archiving features are available now.
  • Audio playback and automation will be available when the Creek Studio is released (targeting March 2020). Your device will be auto-updated to support automation.